How Can Health Care Costs Be Reduced?

Healthcare costs in retirement are unbelievable! The costs can run as high as skyscrapers compared to your retirement savings which only managed to grow as high as your savings jar. Recent Fidelity studies showed that a retiring couple would need … Continued

Posted on January 31, 2018

Health Conditions that Should Be Considered When Planning for the Future

When planning for a brighter future, make sure to consider these health conditions. Baby boomers, in particular, are prone to age-related diseases and medical conditions that may put a dent on even the best plans. Identifying these ailments may not … Continued

6 Best Movies to Watch for Boomer Tourists

It’s official: we’ve definitely caught the travel bug since we’re sharing a list of some of the best movies to watch that’ll inspire you to get out and explore the many wonders that the world has to offer! Of course, … Continued