These 6 Travel Tips Will Be Beneficial During Retirement

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Every baby boomer deserves fun and security when traveling during retirement. As such, we’re more than happy to present some simple and easy travel tips for you to consider before heading out for some much-needed rest and recreation!

1) Search for Discounts

As one of the most practical travel tips that we have to offer, we want to stress the urgency for boomers to be on the lookout for discounts available for them! Travel has been cited as the top dream to achieve for boomers during the retirement years, as mentioned in a Transamerica Retirement Survey conducted last year. But with the rising health care costs and financial pitfalls currently being experienced by most older adults (approximately 45% of boomer respondents in an Insured Retirement Institute study revealed to have no savings set aside for retirement at all), it does make sense to get as much help as possible when trying to stretch a budget for trips!

Which is why looking and asking for discounts should be a priority when planning a trip. Aside from comparing ticket prices on online travel sites, make sure to ask travel agents for available senior discounts. Additionally, membership benefits from senior groups such as the AARP may offer you discounts for hotel accommodations, rental cars, or flights.

2) Safety First

One’s safety and health should be kept in check when traveling. Aside from giving you the assurance that you’ll get the most out of a trip, prioritizing your safety will also prevent you from having to make unnecessary and stressful purchases. A few tips to have a safety-first mindset are:

Pack Lightly

Bring only the essentials during the trip. You’re supposed to relax – more luggage may mean more emotional baggage for you to carry!

Make Multiple Copies of Important Documents

Tickets, identification cards, and your passport can be kept in your hotel’s safe deposit box. You do not want to go through the stress and heartbreak of replacing a lost document!

Ask Your Doctor

Make sure to get your doctor’s advice before heading out on a trip. Prescription drugs, if needed, can be kept and labeled in a pillbox for accessibility.

3) Your Partner Matters

Particularly for boomer couples, always consider your significant other’s circumstances when planning for a trip. If applicable, find out if a partner has any anxiety or special medical requirements before booking a flight. Also, find out if there are group or couple discounts for boomer couples. The point is, a couple who enjoy traveling together will result in having memorable experiences for them to share. Just as we mentioned in our previous article, The Connection of a Vibrant Love Life with Your Health, placing your partner as a priority will make the golden years brighter!

4) Locals Know Best

Here’s a travel hack that may not only prove to be beneficial but fun as well! Do some research first on the place you plan to visit. Learn the local dialect, culture, and practices to connect with the locals. Sometimes, the best way to experience a new area is to see it through the locals’ eyes. Who knows, you just may get even better deals or an exciting experience to spice up your retirement life!

5) Home Swap, Maybe?

For long-term stays, and related to the local travel tip above, you may want to consider a home swap. Home swapping allows two persons (or couples) to exchange homes for a period of time. This can be an exciting way to enjoy a new cultural perspective. Just make sure to check terms and conditions on legitimate home swapping groups, such as and Intervac.

6) Purchase Medicare Supplements Coverage

Last among the travel tips we have to offer is Medicare Supplemental (also known as Medigap) coverage. This type of insurance, aside from helping policyholders pay for the out-of-pocket fees not covered by Original Medicare Plans, may also offer foreign travel coverage. This means that emergency health services are covered even outside the country, should a policyholder encounter such a problem. For more details on the best Medicare Supplement Plans that has this handy benefit, please contact your insurance agent.

We hope you (and your partner) enjoy your trip! Stay safe and happy during retirement!

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