Dating Sites and Baby Boomers: Beneficial for Your Health?

What can most baby boomers expect this Valentine’s season? For some, the chance to meet the new love of their lives is present on the many dating sites available to visit online. What are the benefits one can gain from these sites? That’s what we hope to explain with today’s post.

Please let us know your thoughts on today’s topic as well. We’d like to learn more on how older adults fare with love during the golden years. Your ideas may eventually result in more content that we would publish on our blog!

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Do you have that special someone to spend and make this year’s Valentine’s a memorable event? Fret not if you don’t. For some single baby boomers, this month means looking for love online. With dating sites and mobile dating apps available for boomers to access, looking for companionship during the golden years is now as easy as doing a click, tap, or a swipe. To commemorate the love month, we’re listing several reasons why older adults should take a chance and check out dating sites.

Love is But a Number

When it comes to love, don’t let someone’s age fool you. According to NBC News, one in ten Americans is from the baby boomer generation actively searching for love online. Additionally, older adults using mobile date apps and dating sites have grown in number since 2013.

The figures prove that baby boomers aren’t afraid of technology. An old wives tale, perhaps, but senior adults can definitely adapt with the times.

Dating Sites May Indeed Mean Happiness

But what does it mean for these adults who sign up and search for possible partners on dating sites? For one, boomers can brighten up their retirement years by being active in the dating scene. Engagement through dating sites may sharpen a boomer’s mind. It may also mean that technology’s accessibility will allow most boomers to break out of their shell. Best of all, the chance to meet a new partner (or friends) will lessen bouts of depression – which is common among individuals during the retirement years.

The opportunity to meet someone special through these sites and apps give boomers a great chance to enjoy the golden years. Think about it this way: the ups and downs that retirement brings are extra special, with someone to share every moment with.

A Welcome Activity (Versus Vices)

Most importantly, just the act of browsing on dating sites and mobile apps is an excellent activity to invest in. As compared to vices such as smoking and drinking, surfing the net is definitely better than being consumed by vices. Even better is when a boomer does get to meet someone through dating sites – a partner to spend time with makes Valentine’s (or retirement, as a matter of fact) even more enjoyable to celebrate.

(To learn more about how smoking and other vices are detrimental for boomers, please check out our previous article, A List of Vices that Turn the Retirement Years Inside Out.).

Make Valentine’s More Memorable This Year

Additionally, we’d like to point out that occasions like Valentine’s are good reminders for boomers to check insurance coverage. With a lot of reasons on why Valentine’s should be celebrated, why should one be bothered by medical bills and the like? Enrolling in health insurance programs (such as Medicare Supplements) can help give boomers the peace of mind that their health and wealth needs are covered. Leave your worries behind – find out if your coverage options by requesting for a Medicare supplement quote.

Hope everyone will have a lovely February. Please let us know your dating sites experiences below, and share this article with your friends and loved ones as well!

Posted on February 9, 2017

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