The Connection of a Vibrant Love Life with Your Health

love life

How’s your love life? Love makes the world go round, as the tried-and-tested saying goes, but there may be some semblance of truth with that phrase. Especially for baby boomers preparing for or are in their retirement years, being and staying in love may offer them benefits that they’ll truly treasure for life.

And one particular factor gained from being in love is it can improve and safeguard one’s health. With the many health conditions linked with aging, it’ll always be akin to a breath of fresh air to know that love can help in keeping one’s wellbeing in tip-top shape. Let’s find out more how your health (and other related factors) benefits from having that warm and fuzzy feeling from being loved.

Loneliness No More

Being part of the lonely hearts club may, in fact, be detrimental to one’s health. As discussed in a Vox article, Loneliness actually hurts us on a cellular level, social isolation can lead to several severe health conditions. Baby boomers, in particular, may have increased incidences to be diagnosed with higher blood pressure and heart disease. To make matters worse, loneliness has been observed to increase with age.

In line with the Vox article, an author interview (Barbara Bradley Hagerty) on NPR last year revealed that a Gray Divorce Revolution is apparent for those in the baby boom generation. With more boomers deciding to separate during the twilight years, increased rates of the mentioned health conditions above are expected to trend as well.

According to Hagerty, one of the main causes, why older adults chose to go their separate ways, is because of the feeling of unhappiness in their relationships. Hagerty stated that couples in the same personality wavelength might actually have a higher chance to separate. Personality differences may prove to be fruitful when it comes to long term companionship, just as long as couples agree to disagree.

As such, happiness may come hand-in-hand with a healthy dose of conflict among partners! The point would be that just as long both individuals create and respect boundaries, they could expect a brighter – and healthier – future for them to both share. Love, in other words, isn’t a one-way street. It’s a give-and-take relationship, wherein if both commits to it, can be a rewarding experience for couples to be in.

Having a Partner May Result to Better Financial Management

Additionally, committing to a vibrant love life will also allow partners to manage their finances properly. Going with Hagerty’s revelations, couples working in tandem (regardless of their differences in their respective personalities) may be able to designate tasks and find solutions in preparing for their shared future. And to emphasize how important teamwork among couples needs to be implemented, let’s identify some figures from Insured Retirement Institute’s survey last year:

  • 45% baby boomer respondents have not set aside for retirement at all
  • 59% baby boomer respondents will rely heavily on Social Security to pay for expected retirement expenses
  • 30% baby respondents have stopped contributing to retirement accounts

With the steady increase in health care and various retirement costs, the future may not seem that secure for a majority of boomers. And this is why prioritizing on one’s love life can help couples focus and aid each other in obtaining a financially safe future together. Working together as a team, boomer partners can tackle complicated financial matters and retirement concepts and solutions. Long Term Care Insurance Policies and Medicare Supplemental Plans, among other retirement essentials, can be discussed and decided upon in a more efficient manner as a team!

Dating benefits Baby Boomers

What about single boomers? We’re happy to state that they too may have a chance towards happiness and health for their future. We’ve published an article on the topic, Dating Sites and Baby Boomers: Beneficial for Your Health?, highlighting that even the pursuit of love during the golden years may be fruitful for single and older adults. And with the advent of numerous dating avenues (websites and mobile apps included), boomers spicing up their love life can also brighten their future at the same time.

A Vibrant Love Life, A Colorful and Safer Future

Of course, it’ll take work to create and commit to a healthier love life. But it is possible. We hope that the points we’ve put on the plate can help couples to decide and stick to their union. Everyone deserves a great future – much better with someone to share it with.



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