Clinton on debt forgiveness

Hillary Clinton has proposed that young entrepreneurs can defer making student loan payments in order to promote growth. She has said that we need more job creators and young people entering business. She said this inside a Denver tech training … Continued

Posted on July 13, 2016

OAM 2016 Series: Blaze a Trail to a Healthier Life

To celebrate Older Americans Month, we would like to share with you a four-part series discussing ways in which the older generations can “blaze a trail” to a happier life.   There is no such thing as too late when … Continued

Alzheimer’s in Popular Media: 3 Films to Help You Understand It

Alzheimer’s disease is a looming threat for everyone. You can never predict if and when it is going to hit you or a loved one. 2016’s data from the Alzheimer’s Association shows that there are more five million Americans dealing with the … Continued