Safe Holiday Celebrations for People with Dementia

Christmas is fast approaching, and we cannot help but be thrilled with what’s in-store! However, as we all log off our work emails and put our laptops down, we must keep the holiday celebrations enjoyable for everyone, especially our loved … Continued

Posted on December 23, 2016

Am I Getting the Right Long Term Care Information?

  The main dilemma that many people face when they first search for long term care is the amount of information available on the internet. Without proper guidance from an agent or a professional, anyone can get overwhelmed by all … Continued

How Long-term Care Insurance Policies Help During Old Age

It is undeniable that many, if not all, of us want to have a worry-free and relaxed life when we are grey and old. But sometimes, it is hard to achieve this simple dream mainly because we did not prepare … Continued

Posted on June 23, 2016