Safe Holiday Celebrations for People with Dementia

Christmas is fast approaching, and we cannot help but be thrilled with what’s in-store! However, as we all log off our work emails and put our laptops down, we must keep the holiday celebrations enjoyable for everyone, especially our loved … Continued

Posted on December 23, 2016

Quick Tips to Combat Caregiver Stress

Caregiving, whether for a family member or as a profession, is a fulfilling job. On a daily basis, you get to help another human being go through the motions of the day. Not only that, you hold in your hands … Continued

Family Caregiving: Getting Paid for Taking Care of Your Loved One

Caregiving for a family member is done out of love and there is no monetary compensation attached to it. Since this is mostly the case, taking care of a loved one can be burdensome especially in the areas of the … Continued