4 International Travel Tips to Keep Boomers Safe Abroad

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Traveling seems to be the hot item we like to write about this month, with us offering international travel hacks and tips for you to quench your wanderlust today! And just like we’ve mentioned in our previous article, These 6 Travel Tips Will Be Beneficial During Retirement, travel is one of the most sought-after retirement dreams of most workers in the country – this reason alone pushes us to make sure that baby boomers stay safe when making that particular dream into reality!

As such, we’ve compiled some easy yet practical and efficient international travel tips for you to consider during your travels. Safety should always be prioritized by boomers, to make the most out of every moment when getting lost in the world!

International Travel Tip #1: Plan the Way You Pack

We’ve pointed out before that packing lightly will prevent you from having to deal with any emotional baggage during your trip. We’d like to expound more on this – as an emotional trigger for anxiety, the stress and frustration one goes through when an item is lost or stolen definitely is something we will never wish on anyone. It is this sort of hassle that we all want to avoid, especially on foreign soil!

As mentioned by “65 Things to Do When You Retire” editor, Mark Chimsky, in a U.S. News article, a boomer tourist should learn to conserve and choose wisely the number of clothes they bring during their trips. This advice does make sense – would you want to bring and lug around an entire wardrobe with you during your travels? Doing so will only not mean having to check and rearrange your items constantly. You’ll end up wasting time and lose out on precious memories experiencing what a new culture has to offer as well!

To help you out in packing, create a checklist of all the needed essentials you plan to bring along your trip. Start with your clothes – choose articles of clothing apt for the weather and activities in the place you’re visiting. Other essentials, such as your passports and documents, need to be duplicated and secured in a bag that’ll be with you all the time. If you plan to bring any gadgets or a smartphone, make sure that these are all password protected or have important data saved in the cloud.

International Travel Tip #2: Your Health Will Always Matter

To enjoy your trip, make sure to visit your doctor first. Doing so will help you find out if you need to have any required vaccines to take or if you need to pack any medication will you during the trip. Additionally, find out beforehand of any prevalent diseases or allergies commonly found in your destination. You can then discuss with your doctor about these findings, in which he may suggest or prescribe any further medications or procedures should you need them.

If you still haven’t done so, make some time to meet with an insurance agent to talk about your travel coverage options. We’ve discussed Medicare Supplements (also known as Medigap) before as an option to consider. If you plan to purchase a Medigap policy, make sure that it includes a foreign travel coverage feature.

Additional suggestions on what to talk to an insurance agent about are other Medigap benefits, and of course, what does a Medicare Supplement cost for your circumstances.

International Travel Tip #3: Consider Senior-Friendly Trips

Lastly, check for senior-friendly options and promos when traveling. Starting with discounts, you may find significantly affordable prices when booking a flight or hotel accommodations by just revealing your age! Even better, being part of a senior group or club, such as the AARP, offers perks that’ll work best for boomer travels.

Most importantly for international travels, consider being part of senior group tours. This way, you’ll not only be part of an itinerary that’ll cater to boomers, but you can assure yourself that you’ll be taken care of with experts and guides all around. Also, these group tours may also incorporate senior-friendly activities, bringing in more fun during your trips!

International Travel Tip #4: Bring Your Sense of Adventure

Ironic as it may be, having a sense of adventure to get lost may also be a good way to stay safe internationally. Getting out to explore in your own time and pace, trusting the locals, and immersing yourself in a different culture can relieve you of stress and tension. Of course, please do let your fellow travelers know where you’re at – better yet, incorporate a buddy system with another tourist to watch each other’s back.

The point of the matter is, sometimes, letting loose with no inhibitions at all can give you a security net that’ll everything is okay. And isn’t that what you want to experience during retirement? Just to stay free and happy?

We hope that these international travel tips will keep you safe. If you have other travel hacks to share, please let us know below!

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